• Geo-Tech Industries has proven and perfected a new continuous submerged Arc Overlay Process with approved A.S.M.E registered procedures.
  • In-situ application of weld overlay to the internal surface can be used to:
    • Build up corroded areas to the original thickness or to increase the corrosion allowance;
    • Apply a corrosion-resistant material to the internal surface.
  • Weld Overlay is applied using a submerged arc procedure, utilizing two weld heads simultaneously. Components for this equipment are sized to pass through a 20" manway, after which they are assembled in the vessel. A Digester, (13'-3" diameter by 53'-11" high) was recently completed on Vancouver Island, however, there are no diameter or height limitations.
  • Third party inspection is engaged for continuous monitoring during the welding process. Metallurgical quality is verified by using a nuclear analyzer (Texas Instruments).
Various overlay welding photos