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Geo-Tech Industries Inc. - Industrial Manufacturing and Installations
Introduction to Geo-Tech Industries Inc.
Geo-Tech specializes in all types of custom
fabrication and services to the Pulp & Paper,
Mining, Petroleum and Chemical industries all
over the world.

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Geo-Tech Shop Work:

  • Custom fabrication of Pressure Vessels to A.S.M.E. Code
    Section. VIII, Division 1
  • Manufacture processing equipment made from carbon steel and corrosion-resistant metals, stainless steel, low alloy and nickel alloy materials fabricated to customer specifications
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous plate work, tanks, vessels, power piping, custom shearing, rolling, forming and cut-to-length plate
  • Repair and alteration to pressure vessels; Division 1 & 2
  • Manufacturing of components for pressure vessels
  • All types of machining work
  • Complete sandblasting, painting, coating, spray galvanizing

Geo-Tech Field Work:

Specializing in Field Service both in Canada and the USA (with U.S. certification).

  • Erection of pressure vessels, tanks, power piping and structural steel
  • Repair alteration of pressure vessels, tanks and power piping
  • Heavy equipment rigging: Cranes, barges, and helicopter
  • Corrosion-resistant weld build-up (overlay welding), Manual and Submerged Arc on vessels and tanks (see below on submerged Arc Welding)
  • Pump and valve alignment using laser equipment
  • Unlimited machining work on-site
  • Unlimited field equipment

Overlay Welding

Geo-Tech has proven and perfected a new continuous submerged Arc Overlay Process with approved A.S.M.E. registered procedures.

In-situ application of weld overlay to the internal surface can be used to:

  • Build up corroded areas to the original thickness or to increase the corrosion allowance
  • Apply a corrosion-resistant material to the internal surface

Click here for Introduction to Weld Overlay Procedures.

Click here for Overlay Welding photo examples.


Application Method

Weld Overlay is applied using a submerged arc procedure, utilizing two weld heads simultaneously. Components for this equipment are sized to pass through a 20" manway, after-which they are assembled in the vessel. A Digester, (13'-3" dia. x 53'-11" high) was recently completed on Vancouver Island, however, there are no diameter or height limitations.

Third party inspection is engaged for continuous monitoring during the welding process. Metallurgical quality is verified by using a nuclear analyzer (Texas Instruments). See Appendix 1

Portable Machining

Geo-Tech specializes in design and manufacture of custom machines for metal removal in-situ. Using pneumatic or hydraulic power sources, we have successfully accomplished some unique projects such as:

  • Removing the "scallops" from a tub handle inside a recovery boiler
  • Machining a rail supporting a 700-ton astrophysical observation dome on a telescope in Hawaii. This was machined to an accuracy of 0.020: in 110' diameter
  • We have 25 H.P. hydraulic sources to drive equipment, cutting-heads or to rotate vessels

We have the experience and in-house skills to design and develop a machine to take care of your needs.


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